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Cycling shorts and bibs are designed for a specific purpose with the features that provide comfort, support and function. The perfect cycling short requires functional design and imbued comfort for effective execution on the bike and the benefit to be able to sustain longer hours and miles on the bike.

Here are few of our faves from the cycling shorts category

Road and Mountain Shorts

  • Road-bike short features:
  • Panel construction: In the past, a greater number of panels (typically 6 or 8) correlated to a more comfortable fit. While this is still generally true, fabric technology has progressed to the point that the number of panels doesn't necessarily mean "better" for everyone.

    Padded liner: A smooth, soft pad of "chamois" (actually made of synthetic) minimizes friction, wicks moisture, prevents bacterial growth and helps cushion bumps. It's the most complex part of a bike short. There are a multitude of shapes, thicknesses and materials among brands and genders.

Bontrager Cycling Shorts

Bontrager cycling shorts and bibs help you enjoy your ride. From race-ready road bibs to trail-proven mountain bike shorts, our premium inForm BioDynamic chamois and Profila fabrics provide a fit and feel you'll love for years to come.

The finished product feels handcrafted & original – like your very own customized skin.

Specialized Cycling Shorts

Specialized shorts are an excellent short for road and mountain cycling.

Specialized are known for their quality – good for the alternative. The packaging finish is clean, simple and fresh. It’s all about the raw goodness inside.

Why Bib Shorts?

Bibs are your friend on the bike and one that, if selected carefully, can really help you ride with efficiency and comfort for long rides and for getting adequate protection and comfort on a typical road bike or mountain bike saddle. There are few items of clothing that scream ‘cyclist’ like bib shorts. Yes, other sports may require you to cram yourself into skintight clothing, but very few bits of sports kit come with handy shoulder straps to keep them up.

You can get cycling shorts without the bibs, which are basically lycra shorts with a chamois added. The trouble with these is that they’re much more susceptible to moving around as you move about on the bike, and will require adjusting throughout a ride, plus the waistband can dig in.

Bib shorts, however, stay in place nicely due to the bibs that go over the shoulders. You also don’t get that horrible gap between the back of the jersey and the shorts when you lean forward which, being something that you do a lot on the bike, can be a right pain. And rather drafty, too. Chances are at some point in your time as a cyclist, someone will have asked you why cyclists wear padded shorts. Well, the answer is easy: it’s all about comfort. It’s especially important on a road bike, where the ride tends to lean towards the harsher end of the scale but, to be honest, no matter what sort of bike you’re riding, if you’re planning on being in the saddle for multiple hours at a time, padded shorts are a must.

But bib shorts, just like bike riders, are not all created equal. They vary in price hugely. You can pick up a basic set for $69.99 (such as the Bontrager Solstice Bib short, or go all the way up to the Sportful Trek-Segafredo Pro LTD bib short.

That’s not to say that paying more won’t get you a nicer set of shorts. As price increases you’ll get all sorts of improvements: a better pad, fewer (or even no) seams, lighter fabrics, better grippers, Roubaix linings for winter/autumn riding and so on. Given the options, choosing a pair of bib shorts can be confusing, so with comfy shorts playing such an important role in your happiness on the bike, here’s what you should consider before making the plunge.

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