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Hydration is crucial before, during and after prolonged exercise and exercise in intense heat and cold also demand hydration strategies..

Here are few of our faves for cycling and endurance sport hydration – yes we believe in riding hydrated always @ Livermore Cyclery!

Everday Hydration Systems

Race Hydration, Triathlon

Most athletes know that when racing or training, it is important to have sufficient liquid and calories in order to achieve optimum performance. Often the difficulty is in determining the optimum amount of fluid, fuel mixture, energy supplements, and salt, needed. Then the question is ‘how do I carry these needs so that they can be easily accessible, and not slow me down due to increased aerodynamic drag?’ This guide will help you calculate your needs and provide proven winning information and how best to store your needs.

When hydration needs become a critical part of your training and racing Xlab offers innovative products and knowledge from nearly 3 decades of experience in design, testing and innovation.

Science of Hydration

The use of specialized hydration systems that help the cylist and athlete maintain adequate and effective hydration strategies ion the bike have become as critical as gearing slection and wheels for race day.

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CamelBak Systems

Xlab Hydration Systems

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