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Capturing the Action and the truth

OK, so you want to buy an action camera to film your riding adventures. The good news is that picture quality and battery life are improving all the time. Thanks to their ubiquity, a GoPro is the obvious choice but is it the best camera? Are there any decent alternatives? And which is the best GoPro model? We’ll run you through the different options that we’ve used extensively to help you choose the best action camera for your needs.

The ability to record and relive the moment is a great advantage presented by the technology available in the latest mobile and action cameras.

What to look for in an action camera

Picture quality

Of course, any camera worth its salt has to deliver a good quality picture. While camera makers like to dazzle consumers with resolution numbers and frame rates, a lot of that boils down to marketing speak. For example, 4K resolution is only great if the frame rate is reasonable. 15 frames per second delivers footage that isn’t usable; in our opinion, it looks like security camera video. It’s also worth bearing in mind that picture quality can be hugely affected by the lens and the processor in the camera, that’s why GoPro footage consistently looks good and why the videos created by cheap imitations often look a bit under par.

Battery life

This is definitely a key consideration, but perhaps the first question is: how long do you actually need to film for? Because, if it’s just your commute then you probably don’t need a three-hour battery life. Our rider's who shoot video commonly find themselves hitting the record button for certain segments of a ride, rather than recording the entire thing. It saves on editing time and eliminates the danger of recording over old footage if you’re using the looping feature. What is video looping? It simply means recording over old footage after a specified duration to prevent running out of memory space.

Here are some of the cameras and accessories for allowing use in any pursuit possible, all GoPro cameras and accessories are avaialable at Livermore Cyclery.

Being a Hero

The latest GoPro Hero cameras are bringing technology

Whether it’s a mountain bike odessey, a hard faught crit or an epic ride through the Pyrenees HD cameras from GoPro can capture every living detail and a truly unique perspective without requiring technical smarts and an obsession with ‘getting it just right’.

GoPro Cameras is the leading road and mountain component designer, manufacturer and marketing company in the world.

The view from the back

If it was not for one of our customer's own experience the value of having a rearview facing camers on the bike might have seemed a hard sell. Having a Cycliq Fly12 camera mounted on his bike he was able to record with unnerving clarity the fool who decided to steal their ride partner's steed.

On Sunday 14 January, 2017 Kevin and his wife rode their bikes to Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Alamo, California. Luckily for another coffee shop patron, Kevin and his wife were using their Fly12 bike cameras. They parked their bikes outside the coffee shop and left both Fly12s running while they went inside. As they were ordering, a very unlucky thief struck, riding off on a set of wheels that did not belong to him. What the thief didn’t know was that both Fly12s caught the entire incident on camera from two different angles.

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